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YO! Sushi, Brown Thomas, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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October 2011 WARNING! Although it’s marked on the menu as vegetarian the miso soup is now with fish extract.

What: A fun, modern sushi bar with conveyer belt which sends dishes by each table. Dishes on the belt are different colours and  the price depends on the colour. For example, cucumber maki is on a green plate and green plates cost €2.25. Take what you want from the belt or order from the menu. At the end they count the number of each colour plate to make up your bill.

Prices: Veg plates are a good bit cheaper than ones which consist of animals at around €3, a few are €2.25. On Mondays all the plates (meat and veg) are €3, but they add more to the veg dishes that are usually less than €3, so 6 pieces for €3 rather than 4 pieces for €2.25, for example.

Vegetarian menu: You might not expect a sushi bar to cater to vegetarians, but there are several dishes from which to choose. Asparagus, avocado and cucumber maki, roasted aubergine, edamame beans, deep fried tofu, vegetable noodles (warm), vegetable omlette, mushrooms, fruit pieces and Japanese pancakes for dessert, among others. Unlimited miso for €2 (miso is no longer vegetarian).

Drinks: Fizzy and still water is on tap at each table, unlimited for €1. They also have some beers.

Service: No complaints. A call button at each table saves you having to spend ages trying to catch their attention (unlike in many other restaurants).

Comfortable? There are booths for up to 4 people and plenty of places at the bar. I find it a little chilly and need an extra layer. The music is not too loud. It’s better to avoid peak times when it can get very crowded (lunch hour on Saturdays sees the place full of shoppers, often with noisy children). Outside of these times it is a pleasant place to sit. Some people might find the nosies emitted by the call buttons annoying, but this place is meant to be a fun dining experience. It’s not the place for a romantic dinner for two.

Was the food good? Yes. The asparagus and cucumber maki are a bit boring, though. The edamame beans are too limp. In general, it is all quite tasty.

Toilets: Clean and slick, but very cramped. If somebody opens the door into the ladies’ you’re likely to be hit by it as you leave the toilet cubicle (which have mirrors in them). There are only two toilets for women.

My advice to the chef: Do something to make the asparagus and cucumber maki more interesting.

My advice to the manager: Maybe sushi bars need to be a certain temperature, but I would like it to be warmer.

Overall: A tasty and fun option for vegetarians.

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YO! sushi


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  1. […] The worst offender might be Tower Records on Wicklow Street. This shop has been audible from Duke Street, about two blocks away!  It is an absolute wonder that the management of Brown Thomas do not complain since the noise opposite that shop’s side entrances is such that if one happens to be heading East on Wicklow Street, it is frequently less painful to turn right at Clarendon Street, giving the Brown Thomas entrances a complete miss, rather than risk suffering unhealthy noise levels from Tower Records (Brown Thomas’ loss of window shoppers is the gain of an interesting silver shop, and Conn’s Cameras, and this diversion also has the advantage of placing on one’s path, Yo — as a sushi bar, a surprisingly good place for a vegetarian snack). […]

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