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Le Cafe des Irlandais, 12-13 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: Stylish looking restaurant. Brand new to Dublin (taking the place of Cafe Bar Deli on Georges Street).

Prices: Above average.

Service: The staff member we spoke to was friendly.

Vegetarian menu: There is not one single vegetarian meal on offer. We learned that they will make a salad for a vegetarian if needs be, but nothing warm.

Drinks: Seeing as the chef/manager does not want vegetarians to spend their money here I didn’t investigate.

Comfortable? As above. However, I don’t think I would enjoy eating in the basement room visible from the street.

Toilets: As above.

My advice to the chef: Anybody can make meat and fish taste okay. All it requires is light seasoning and it will always be acceptable. I can only conclude that you do not know how to cook without meat. This is not the sign of a good chef.

My advice to the manager: While each restaurant is free to select their own menu, it seems like a bizzare business strategy to exclude people who, for whatever reason, do not eat meat. Groups, large or small, cannot book a meal here given that there is nothing on offer for potential vegetarians. You might have the impression that you will prepare “anything” at the request of a vegetarian, but the vegetarians should not be left to do the work of designing meals for you. This is what you are paid for.

Overall: These people clearly only want money from meat-eaters. Avoid this restaurant if you are booking a group meal. There is usually at least one vegetarian in a group and that person would have to go hungry, or certainly disappointed, here.



  1. I work in Le Cafe Des Irlandais and would like to point out a couple of things. We are only just open and finding our feet so we hope you understand. It’s very difficult to get everything right, but I can assure you we are trying our best. We wanted to get our main menu right before we started on our specials and vegetarian options. We now have a vegetarian soup, sandwich, salad and hot dish everyday. I hope you can call in again sometime to try.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I understand from it that you offer vegetarians one hot dish. Hmm, one token dish? Why do you think it is okay not to offer vegetarians a choice of meals? In fact, Dublinreviewer had a look at the revised menu on display both online and outside the restaurant, and saw no sign of a vegetarian section. Perhaps it would be easier to get balanced on your feet if you don’t give such lopsided treatment to vegetarians: your comment about getting your “main menu right” first clearly places vegetarians (and people who just don’t feel like eating meat on the day) in your mind as second class citizens. In any case, no sandwich or hot dish is visible on the menu and goat’s cheese salad is hardly a sign of an inspired, or even merely thoughtful, chef (you’ll find competing restaurants located anywhere within a 200m radius of your restaurant offer this dull and overused cheese as a poor vegetarian option). Dublinreviewer thinks that it is fine if you wish to run a meat-based restaurant, but wonder what sort of business sense you have if you want to exclude dinner parties that are not 100% omnivores. If you do seek the vegetarian euro you should be aware that one hot dish is not adequate — vegetarians also like to have several dishes from which to choose. Also, drop the goat’s cheese. Unfortunately, Dublinreviewer still recommends that vegetarians and groups avoid this restaurant until the chef is able to offer vegetarians a few creative options from which to choose. Dublinreviewer will keep a hopeful eye on the menu and will report any improvements.

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