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The Gin Palace, 42 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

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What: Dodgy looking pub serving food.

Prices: Main courses for around €12, garlic bread €4, soup of the day €5.

Vegetarian menu: Penne Chicken Broccoli for €14. Chicken? Yes. Here the very clearly marked vegetarian option is chicken (see photo below). Now, would you eat anything prepared by a chef who thinks that chicken is a vegetable, even if you ate meat? If they think that this is vegetarian then you cannot trust the soup or anything else “vegetarian” on this menu. If chicken isn’t vegetarian enough for you they also offer  goat’s cheese salad (also available in just about any Dublin restaurant near you).

Drinks: I didn’t set foot in the place so can’t comment.

Service: As above.

Comfortable: As above.

Was the food good? I don’t know, but it is certainly prepared by people who don’t know the difference between animals and vegetables.

Toilets: I don’t know.

My advice to the chef: Where to start?

My advice to the manager: The level of ignorance on display here is astounding. Perhaps one of those “Things on the Farm” books for toddlers would help you when it comes to making up the menu? Cow = meat, chicken = meat, broccoli = vegetable, for example.

Overall: Avoid like the plague.

Note: Management were asked to respond to this review.

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The vegetarian option in The Gin Palace, 42 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

The Gin Palace, 42 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1



  1. Hazel says:

    Im a veggie & have eaten there a few times. Had Vegetarian Nacho starter – was very nice..
    for Main: I asked for the vegetarian form of said pasta & was offered in either cream sauce or tomato. I have to say it was so nice (the tomato sauce) i’ve gone back and got it a few times.
    I really like the place, tasty cocktails. Friendly service, decent bathrooms. I really enjoyed my experience’s there.
    Will return next time i’m in dublin

  2. Hi Hazel, Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you enjoyed your meal here. That said, we have huge trust issues with a kitchen that thinks chicken is a vegetable and prefer to support restaurants in which the chef and manager can distinguish meat from veg. Best wishes, Dublin Reviewer Team

  3. Aoife Barry says:

    Being devil’s advocate – sometimes restaurants put (v) to indicate that a dish can be made vegetarian, and v to indicate it is already veggie. So maybe they will serve it without chicken as a veggie dish.
    That said, I’d prefer a dish that was veggie on its own without having to remove something.

  4. Hi Aoife, Your point is well made. However, it is a wonder, then, that they don’t put (v) next to the club sandwich (I recommend avocado and hummus for the corresponding layers in a vegetarian club, myself) or the oriental stir-fry (is it pre-mixed out of can or what?), for example. I wonder if they charge the same price when they are asked to remove the chicken from the “Penne Chicken Broccoli (v)”? In this restaurant, the only veggie main, then, is Penne Chicken Broccoli sans chicken.

  5. Mark Hamill says:

    The other problem with that “vegetarian” option is even if it is given without the chicken, it still has pesto. Most pestos contain hard cheeses like parmesan or pecorino which are almost never vegetarian because of calf rennet.

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