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Product review: new mock vegan/vegetarian meats in the Asia Market, Drury St, Dublin 2

What: The Asia Market on Drury Street, Dublin 2, has recently started stocking a small range of vegetarian mock meats from the TKC company (this reviewer does not understand why any vegetarian food should be manufactured to resemble meat…). So far they have mock cod, mock chicken pieces, something like mock skewered mock spicy chicken, mocks ribs in sauce, mock mutton and mock spring chicken.

 Price: They don’t cost anymore than their Linda McCartney, Quorn or Fry’s equivalent (where they exist), and they appear to be vegan, too.

 Are they good? The satay pieces are really nice and only take around seven minutes in the oven. They are vegan and this reviewer highly recommends them. The mock cod certainly looked like cod and seaweed lent it a flavour of the ocean. It was also good. This reviewer hasn’t tested the claim that it is suitable for deep-frying in batter. The mock mutton was okay. The texture of each item was different from the rest so it’s worth trying them all. However, the spring chicken looks a bit comical.

 Overall: If you want something different and good (and vegan) than what you can usually buy in Nourish or Down to Earth, then it’s certainly worth wandering over to the Asia Market for this vegan fare. Look for it in the frozen food section.

cooked satay sticks --- pan not included!

cooked satay sticks — pan not included!