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Build a Burger, 75 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 IJL, Northern Ireland

What: Build your own burger sit-in or take-away.

 Prices: Around five pounds sterling for a burger and fries.

 Vegetarian menu: Two different types of vegan burger: one is a bean patty and the other is a soya based patty. Many toppings and sauces are also vegan, even the tobacco onions. Vegan croquettes, vegan fries and more.

 Drinks: Soft drinks.

 Service: Excellent. The people here actually know what is in the food, so no blank looks when you ask if something is vegan or vegetarian (impressively, this applies to the several bottles of sauce that are available). They could give almost every other food outlet a lesson in how to prepare food for vegetarians/vegans (not to mention those who just don’t like cross-contamination) — you won’t find the staff here dipping a gloved hand into chicken and then into the vegetables, each food item is kept seperate and touched only with its allocated utensil (basic yet seldom done). (Major sandwich chains in Ireland would do well to take lessons from this establishment.) The Build-a-Burger staff are very aware of not allowing anything which has touched non-veg products to come into contact with the bread, veg, counter, etc. For example, they put all the buns on a large piece of paper before building the burger (rather than directly on the counter which, in other shops, often has bits of meat on it). This, and they don’t even heavily promote their vegan food.

 Comfortable? I didn’t sit-in but it seemed fine.

 Was the food good? Yes. The soya vegan patty is excellent, as were the vegan sauces. Very enjoyable. The vegan croquettes were also very good. The chips were adequate.

 Toilets: Not tested.

 My advice to the chef: Keep up the good work.

 My advice to the manager: Please open a branch (with the same standards of excellence) in Dublin City Centre — we are not aware of anywhere that serves vegan burgers. The service was excellent and this reviewer has never come across such high standards in terms of how a kitchen should be run when serving vegans/vegetarians — it is what every food outlet should aspire to.

 Overall: Highly, highly recommended.

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