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Graenn Kostur, Skolavordustigur 8b, Reykjavik 101, Iceland

What: Small cafeteria style vegetarian/vegan eaterie. For those familiar with Cornucopia in Dublin, Ireland, imagine it on a smaller scale but nicer. It’s also much easier to negotiate the queue here than in Cornucopia, i.e., not designed to create a big bottleneck.

Prices: Reykjavik is not a cheap place to visit, but this place was comparable to similar eateries in the area.

Vegan menu: Evertyhing is vegetarian and at least one meal a day is vegan. Some desserts are vegan also. Menu changes daily. There seems to be a choice of two soups, several salads, around five hot meals and some desserts on offer, daily.

Drinks: Usual assortment.

Service: As everywhere in Reykjavik, I found, perfect English is spoken. Staff were able to quickly explain which food was vegetarian/vegan.

Comfortable? It’s okay for a cafeteria. If you get a bar stool at the window or a regular table at the window it’s comfortable enough. I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of the room with people pushing past to view the food at the counter.

Was the food good? If you’re looking for vegetarian/vegan food in Reykjavik, and you don’t want the hassle of traipsing all around town checking out every menu only to be disappointed then you can happily eat here. The hot food is really not hot enough when served, this lets the place down. It’s not hugely imaginative fare, but it’s tasty enough, and I was grateful that it was available. I did return on that visit and would again, partially due to the fact that Reykjavik isn’t a vegetarian/vegan friendly town so it’s just easier to eat here.

Toilets: Clean, but too close to the dining area for my liking. Almost beside a table at the back.

My advice to the chef: Hot food should be hot not lukewarm.

My advice to the manager: Is there no way to have the toilet further away from the dining area?

Overall: This place has the advantage of being the only really vegetarian/vegan eaterie in town. They do try hard, but there’s seems to be a lack of imagination. It can be a bit tricky to find so check out the location on a map before heading out. You’ll likely end up here anyway so you might as well try it on the first day.

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