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Napfényes Étterem, 1077 Budapest, Rózsa utca 39, Hungary

What: Vegan restaurant focusing on Hungarian specialties. This is an actual restaurant and not the run-of the-mill self-service canteen/community canteen posing as a restaurant often experienced by vegans/vegetarians.

Prices: Inexpensive if you’re spending euro, less than €6 for the main course.

Vegan menu: Everything is vegan. For example, Mixed Garden Vegetable
Soup with Semolina Dumplings 550 HUF, Caesar Salad 1300 HUF(iceberg lettuce, tartar sauce, garlic flavored spelt-wheat bread cubes, fried tofu cubes, grated dairy-free cheese, parsley), many types of pizza, Creamy Spinach Fusili 1700 HUF(creamy durum wheat pasta with spinach leaves, garlic, nutmeg and grated dairy-free cheese), Fried Dairy-Free Cheese in Sesame Crumbs served with Green Peas, Rice and Tartar Sauce 2100 HUF (dairy-free cheese breaded with spelt wheat flour and sesame seeds, served with green peas, jasmine rice and a spicy soy gravy), Fried Pancakes Filled with Vegetable Cream served with Mashed Potatoes and Onions 1900 HUF (spelt wheat pancakes filled with spicy vegetable cream served with fried, mashed potatoes and savory tomato sauce), Somló Sponge Cake 850 HUF (vanilla, walnut and carob sponge cake layered with vanilla cream and walnuts, served with carob sauce and soy whip cream) and much, much more (see menu photos below).

Drinks: Various juices, sparkling water, teas, coffee.

Service: English and German spoken. Friendly, helpful. Menu available in English and German.

Comfortable? Yes. There’s a nice atmosphere. Tables are big and solid. Chairs are comfortable. No loud music.

Was the food good? Yes. We enjoyed everything. We also enjoyed items that we purchased from the small shop.

Toilets: Adequate, but tiny.

My advice to the chef: Keep it up.

My advice to the manager: Keep it up.

Overall: This place is hard to find, but it’s worth making the effort to get there. We recommend a visit.

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