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The Pink Giraffe, 43B St Clements Street, Oxford OX4 1AG, England, UK

What: Chinese restaurant with a super huge selection of vegan meals. Meat also.

Prices: Mains around £7 (huge). Appetizers around £4-5.

Vegan menu: 99% of the very extensive vegetarian menu is vegan. Vegan prawn crackers, vegan mock chicken on skewers in sate sauce, vegan crispy beef in salt and pepper dressing, vegan butterfly crackers with seaweed, mini vegan spring rolls with plum sauce, vegan pork in Chinese red curry, bean curd in sweet and sour sauce, vegan chicken or beef in wine and garlic hot sauce. This is a random sample. Click here for the whole menu: Pink Giraffe menu. It’s amazing, as a vegan, to be able to peruse a menu for a long time trying to decide what to eat.

Drinks: Usual soft drinks, wine, sparkling water.

Service: A relief to speak to people who immediately know what should and shouldn’t be in a vegan meal. Friendly, easy to order.

Comfortable? Yes, It’s nice to get the table at the window.

Was the food good? Very good. Plum sauce is really nice. Sate sauce is really good. The black bean sauce is very, very nice. Skip the curry sauce. It’s hard to go wrong here.

Toilets: Adequate.

My advice to the chef: Keep up the good work. Re-think the curry sauce, it’s disappointing compared to the other excellent sauces.

My advice to the manager: Please open in Dublin, Ireland and elsewhere.

Overall: Do not miss this place if in Oxford. It may will be the culinary highlight of your vegan travels in the UK, if you like Chinese food.

Some photos are from 2013, some 2014, but the menu does not seem to have changed. All vegan.

CIMG4439CIMG5012 CIMG5044 CIMG5010 CIMG4889 CIMG5004 CIMG4444 CIMG4443 CIMG4441 CIMG4440


The Gardener’s Arms, 39 Plantation Rd, Oxford OX2, England, UK

What: Vegetarian pub that caters well to vegans. 20 minute stroll from Oxford centre.

Prices: £8.50 burgers and fries, £9.95 main meal (mushroom pie, chilli and more), hotdog meals around £7, calzone £8.95 and much more.

Vegan menu: Exchange veggie burger for two vegan burgers to make all burger meals vegan. Choose your own toppings. Mushroom pie meal, Indian meal, rocket, olive and tomato calzone, burger wraps, kids burger or sausage meal and bar snacks are all vegan.

Drinks: Usual drinks available in a pub. No vegan ales when this reviewer visited. Vegan Pilsner and lager on tap.

Service: Friendly, helpful.

Comfortable? Yes. Tables are big, chairs are comfortable. No loud music. Nice easy-going atmosphere.

Was the food good? Yes, definitely. More fries in the basket would have been okay. The burger was great (photo below doesn’t do it justice!). The mushroom pie was nice enough.

Toilets: Clean.

My advice to the chef: Good stuff. Keep it up.

My advice to the manager: None.

Overall: Don’t miss it if in Oxford.


Summer 2014

Summer 2013 --- Mushroom Pie

Summer 2013 — Mushroom Pie

Summer 2013 --- Mushroom Pie with pastry lid

Summer 2013 — Mushroom Pie with pastry lid

Summer 2013 --- vegan burger and fries

Summer 2013 — vegan burger and fries

The Gardener's Arms

The Gardener’s Arms