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Some of the Vegan Offerings at Camden Market

Camden Market is a fun, quirky and eclectic place to get lost, really, for a few hours. There are plenty of food stalls, many claiming to be vegan. Watch out though, some of the ‘vegan’ food is kept in the same containers as meat (see photos below). We highly recommend getting some vegan ice-cream at Cookies and Scream. We weren’t hungry enough to try the rest of the food here, but took photos of the offerings.


All vegan, super ice-cream, cookies, coffees. Yummy.


Vegan truck.

Vegan truck menu.

Vegan truck menu.

The truck itself :-)

The truck itself ūüôā

Another stall with vegan food.

Another stall with vegan food.

Vegan food next to the chicken = not vegan anymore.

Vegan food next to the chicken = not vegan anymore.

More stuff.

More stuff.

More vegan food!

More vegan food!

What better on a sweltering day in London?

What better on a sweltering day in London?



Cookies and Scream, The Market Hall, Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF, England

What: vegan dessert counter at Camden Market, London, England.

Prices: vegan milk-shakes £2.50-£3.50, teas and coffees about £1.60, big tub of ice-cream £3

Vegan menu: Everything is vegan. Lots of cookies, ice-cream with many different toppings , brownies, donuts, pies.

Drinks: vegan milk-shakes £2.50-£3.50, teas and coffees about £1.60,

Service: efficient and thoughtful. Ice-cream was very carefully constructed. These folks take pride in their business.

Comfortable? It’s better for take-away, but you can sit at the counter and watch folks coming and going. It’s a funky and eclectic place to people-watch.

Was the food good? The ice-cream was really nice. I had mine with hot fudge. It’s a real vegan treat to get a tub of very creamy ice-cream. The cookie we had was tasty, but it was the sort that crumbles into big pieces when you pick it up (some prefer cookies like that, but not this reviewer). It was very moist. We only tried the one sort of cookie. They all looked good. The coffee was fine too, but it’s the ice-cream you want here.

Toilets: not tested.

My advice to the chef: keep this up!

My advice to the manager: cover the cookies on the counter so that people can’t sneeze and cough on them.

Overall: go there and get some vegan ice-cream if in Camden. Highly recommended.




Cafe Journal, 23-24 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6PG, England

What: Cosy Italian offering the usual suspects, i.e., pizza, pasta and the like.

¬†Prices: Good value. Starters ¬£2.80-¬£4.80, pasta dishes around ¬£5.50, risottos around ¬£5.80…

 Vegetarian menu: Penne arrabiata, brochette, pizza with choice of toppings, garlic bread, pasta al pesto, pasta primavera and some more.

 Drinks: Wines, soft drinks, coffee, sparkling water, etc.

 Service: Friendly and quick.

¬†Comfortable? Yes. The restaurant was surprisingly quiet when this reviewer ate there. I would normally expect a place serving such excellent food to be packed but, in fact, there were only four diners. Music was low and unintrusive. Seats were fine. Table was sturdy. Traffic noise from the street wasn’t really noticeable even seated by the window with the main door open.

¬†Was the food good? Yes. The tomato and basil brochette was perfect. The quality of the olive oil used was superb, the tomatos were very fresh and the smell of basil from the plate was amazing. The penne arrabiata, often a boring ‚Äúoption‚ÄĚ for vegetarians seemed to be made from very fresh tomatoes and was the best example of the dish that this reviewer has ever eaten. My omnivourous dining partner also enjoyed her dishes, which were the tuna stuffed peppers and a steak pizza. The glass of white wine was generous and well chosen.

 Toilets: Very clean, nice soap and paper towels to dry hands.

 My advice to the chef: Keep up the good work, but perhaps add some vegan dishes to the menu.

 My advice to the manager: Keep up the good work.

 Overall: Excellent food, quiet and comfortable. Would definitely return. A real gem.