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The Faulkland Inn, High Street, Faulkland, Radstock, BA3 5UH, England

What: Light, bright restaurant with bar serving fusion food.

Prices: Veggie mains around £8.

Vegetarian menu: Soup of the day £4.50, spinach, sweet potato and pumpkin fritters £5.50, vegetarian linguini stir fry £7.95, grilled vegetable skewer £7.95, veggie sides £2.95, and a few others.

Drinks: Full bar.

Service: Very friendly and helpful.

Comfortable? Very. Finally a good solid table that is big enough for two people to have plenty of space, even with lots of dishes on the table. Chairs were also good. The restaurant has two lovely solid fuel fires and both were lit. Very nice. The music was very low. Even when busy it is a very pleasant spot.

Was the food good? Yes. The chef here is creative in ways that most aren’t. The soup of the day was tomato, cucumber and gin (yes, gin) and it was delicious. The veg lasagne was also nice and came with a lovely sauce. I was a little disappointed when I had the vegetable skewers on another occasion and they were served with what seemed to be the same sauce as was on the lasagne (I’d like to have had something different). The rice that came with the veg skewers reminded me too much of boil in the bag rice. A nice basmati would have been better.  The vegetables were of good quality and all, except the courgette, were nicely done. The side of mash was very good. The butter that was served with the bread was as hard as a rock, though. The dessert is not made here and was a disappointment. Lovely colourful presentation of all meals.

Toilets: Very nice.

My advice to the chef: The food here is very good and has the potential to be excellent. I would like to see even more creativity with the vegetarian menu. The lasagne was nice, very nice even, but as a vegetarian I often end up eating lasagne in the absence of more interesting alternatives. Perhaps introduce something that vegetarians are not likely to find on many other menus?  The butter should be taken out of the fridge for a while before being sent out to tables.

My advice to the manager: Keep up the good work.

Overall: A very pleasant pub/restaurant, which is well worth a visit.

Note: Management were asked to respond to this review.

Part of the restaurant

Part of the restaurant

Vegetarian lasagne in the Faulkland Inn

Vegetarian lasagne in the Faulkland Inn

Tomato, cucumber and gin soup

Tomato, cucumber and gin soup

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Jamie’s Italian Bath, 10 Milsom Place, Bath, BA1 1BZ, England

What: Casual, noisy, Italian restaurant. Good for post-shopping meal or group outing. Not for a romantic meal for two.

Prices: Pretty reasonable.

Vegetarian menu: Awful. They clearly don’t care about vegetarians. Secondi section didn’t have any veg option. There were only 3 veg mains, all pasta and one was not available when I was there. As boring as can be. I asked if the chef could make me something more interesting and the waitress came back and offered….wild mushroom risotto, the veg option on just about every restaurant’s menu. For shame! Also, after telling the waitress that I was vegetarian she asked me if I ate fish?!? “No”, I replied, “I am vegetarian.” She told me that some vegetarians eat fish. Since when is fish a vegetable? The manager really needs to eliminate this level of ignorance among staff.

Drinks: Full bar.

Service: Friendly and helpful, though ignorant of what it means to be vegetarian.

Comfortable? Not really. We had to queue in the tiny bar area for 40 minutes due to a rugby match. Bar area had very uncomfortable stools, was dirty, scruffy and loud. Upstairs the chairs were okay but the table was a little small for two. When we asked the waitress to close a nearby window because the cold air was blowing right in on us we were told she couldn’t because other customers liked it open. Er, were they paying more or what???

Was the food good? Less than adequate. In the end I had to order truffle tagliatelle. It was as boring as you can imagine. Pasta with olive oil and a few black specks. This is what they offer vegetarians. Total lack of imagination here. Olives on ice were excellent, as was the bread. Roasted mixed carrots in a bag looked nice but were under seasoned and didn’t have any flavour. Disappointing. Posh chips were okay, nothing special. Free tap water was good.

Problems? No side plates were provided for the shared starters. They were out of sorbet.

Toilets: Funky, clean, mirrors in cubicle, but very few.

My advice to the chef: The chef here really needs to improve the vegetarian options. Any amateur cook can produce wild mushoom risotto or pasta and olive oil. I expect a lot more from a professional.

My advice to the manager: The staff need to be trained so that they do not offer fish to vegetarians. Also, why was the comfort of other patrons given priority over our table?

Overall: A very disappointing restaurant for vegetarians. Chef has no idea how to cook without meat.

Note: Management were asked to respond to this review.