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Hailan Korean Restaurant, 65 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: Inexpensive (for Dublin) Korean restaurant. Enough for two with 1 litre of sparkling water was €33. Vegan friendly, meat also served.

Prices: Starters around €6, mains around €10.

Vegan menu: cucumber, avocado and asparagus makki. Default is without mayonnaise (take note Yo! Sushi). Vegetabale tempura role — ask them to make it vegan. Vegetable spring rolls — ask them to make them vegan. Kimchi vegetable pancake — ask them to make it vegan. Vegetable and rice dishes can also be vegan. Other items may also be made vegan, but we didn’t get that far.

Drinks: Sparkling water, soft drinks, at least.

Service: Earnest, friendly and competent. You may have to apply a little pressure to give wait staff the idea that the chef should be asked if she can make something vegan, otherwise you may be told that your preferred item isn’t vegan when the chef is actually likely to cheerily volunteer to make it vegan.

Comfortable? I wouldn’t want to eat here when it’s very busy. Tables are very close together. However, when it’s quiet it is comfortable. Tables are solid, chairs are comfortable. Music is not too loud. If you are planning to assemble a few side dishes take a bigger table, a table for two is a bit awkward for such a meal. The only complaint for this section is the stainless steel chopsticks — a bit slippery.

Was the food good? Yes. We enjoyed vegan kimchi pancake, vegan tempura, and vegan sushi. Neither the pancake nor the tempura were overly greasy. The vegetables in the tempura were courgette, red pepper and sweet potato. We would order all of it again.

Toilets: Downstairs. Adequate. Clean. Paper towels to dry hands.

My advice to the chef: Keep up the food work.

My advice to the manager: Mark vegan items as such on the menu.

Overall: We’ll be back and would recommend it outside of peak times. We didn’t have our camera with us but some photos are here, together with another vegan review. Menu below.


hailanmenu3 hailanmenu4


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