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Staple Foods, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: Something that looks like a meeting space with a limited menu. Vegan options professed and meat.

Prices: 500ml fresh juice €5, salads €7.50, sandwiches €7.

Vegetarian/vegan menu: vegan buckwheat pancakes with strawberries and cashew butter €5.50, vegan falafel sandwich with filling €7, vegan quinoa salad, vegan Mexican salad.

Drinks: coffees, teas, fresh juices.

Service: Not applicable as we didn’t manage to eat here despite two attempts over two days. It can be said that the serving staff are not able to give compelling explanations as to why advertised food is not on offer.

Comfortable? On entering the smell reminded this reviewer of a gaming arcade from the 1980s. The seating arrangements look less than comfortable. If you want to sit at a table that is at a comfortable height for eating you have to sit in the middle of the room, usually the least good seats in any eatery. If you want to sit at the edge of the room to eat you’ll have to sit at the edge of a couch and hunch over a very low coffee table or balance your meal on your knees. There are stools at the bar, but the clutter on the counter does not welcome diners. The music was just on the edge of being too loud.

Was the food good? No idea. We tried to get the vegan breakfast on a Saturday and were told we were too late, even though they don’t advertise a time at which breakfast ends. We asked what time they would be serving breakfast the next day, but the employee was unsure at what time they would even open. Eventually he decided that they would certainly have breakfast from noon the next day for the duration of the day. We turned up at half past noon and were told that there was no breakfast to be had at all that day. The best explanation that the staff member was able to produce for this fiasco was that they had been open only six days. One would imaginet that six days in one would know what the menu is and what the opening hours are, even if reality forces a change at the end of the first month. It really did seem like amateur hour here.

Toilets: Not seen.

My advice to the chef: Perhaps you need to get together with the manager to define a menu for which the ingredients will be available and a chef on hand to assemble those ingredients.

My advice to the manager: Being newly open is not a reasonable excuse for not having regular opening hours. Not having the advertised food available on two consecutive days is bewildering. Hardly any of the seats look comfortable.

Overall: This reviewer will give them time to overcome their many teething problems. Certainly, have a plan B in mind if you are going to try eating here. This could be a good addition to the Dublin vegan scene, ultimately.

Click here for menu.

Reviews by others:

Lovin’ Dublin give Staple Food the top spot for in their Top Ten Salads in Dublin.




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