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Bobos, 22 Wexford Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Warning to vegetarians and vegans: do not eat here despite the offer of vegetarian burgers…

Bobos, 22 Wexford Street, Dublin 2, in no sense caters to vegetarians, even though burgers falsely characterised as vegetarian burgers are on the menu. The vegetarian burgers are cooked on the same grill as the meat burgers, a grill which is a sea of greasy meat juice. The falafel burger is cooked in oil in which meat is not officially cooked, however, the chef can be seen to place the tongs used to dip items in this oil onto the grill in a puddle of meat grease and back into the allegedly vegetarian falafel oil. This is disgusting and cannot be recommended to anybody. For any restaurant to knowingly mislead vegetarians into believing that they are eating meat free food is unethical, immoral and downright gross.  This restaurant should clarify what they know and what  they do not know about how to prepare and serve food safely and properly.  Then all potential diners may conclude for themselves what follows  either from Bobo’s knowing what they have been doing or from Bobo’s not knowing what they have been doing, whichever is the explanation.

Consider this burger and fries place instead, also in Dublin 2, if it’s a vegan/veggie burger you want:


Lovin’ Dublin has their top ten burger places listed here, but we don’t know how many offer genuinely vegan/vegetarian burgers and don’t fully agree with their rating. However, we do agree with Lovin’ Dublin that a burger should fit in your hands and in your mouth, and that it shouldn’t be a mini skyscraper that requires knocking over before you can eat it using a knife and fork, as is the case in almost all Dublin burger restaurants, including the one we recommend above.



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