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Pret-a-Manger, Gatwick Airport, London, England, United Kingdom

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What: Pret-a-Manger, South Terminal, Gatwick Airport, London

 Prices: Vegan sushi wrap was around £3 and the vegan avocado sandwich was around £3.50. There were a couple of other sandwiches which were vegetarian friendly. There were also some fruit pots.

 Vegetarian and vegan menu: Gatwick airport is not vegan friendly. The above Pret-a-Manger sandwiches were the only vegan friendly substantial food choices we could find. There is more choice in other eateries for vegetarians, mostly cheese heavy.

 Drinks: There are bars and newsagents where you can purchase most drinks. The smoothie bar is not vegan, and they cannot make a vegan smoothie.

 Service: In Pret-a-Manger it was quite okay.

 Comfortable? The Pret-a-Manger seating area is quite comfortable. You can choose from sofas and armchairs to regular tables and bar stools. There is a departures board in the dining area.

 Was the food good? We found the avocado sandwich superior to the sushi wrap. The sushi wrap would have been very good had they used asparagus in place of broccoli.

It’s a shame that the vegetarian sandwiches could have been vegan were it not for mayonnaise.

Toilets: The toilets in the upstairs food court at Gatwick are very busy. You’re better off to go downstairs were there is not usually a queue.

 My advice to the chef: Remove the mayonnaise from the vegetarian sandwiches and replace it with it with vegan mayonnaise, some will then also be suitable for vegans.

 My advice to the manager: Consult with Vbites about stocking their vegan meals.

 Overall: There is no hot food suitable for vegans at Gatwick. Vegetarians can have pizza, etc. Most of the vegetarian sandwiches sold are not suitable for vegans. While the Pret-a-Manger sandwiches are nothing to write home about it was a relief to find them. Bring your own food if possible.

vegan food at pret-a-manger gatwick
vegan food at pret-a-manger gatwick
avocado sandwich
avocado sandwich
sushi roll
sushi roll



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