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McDonald’s Bourse, Place de la Bourse 3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Belgique)

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What: McDonald’s restaurant at Place de la Bourse, Brussels. Does not offer a veggie burger, unlike in Germany.

 Prices: mixed salad €2.50, medium fries €2.00, small tropicana orange juice €2.00, sachet of ketchup €0.60!

Vegetarian menu: fries, a miserable mixed salad (see photo below), possibly cheese rocks (but is the gouda vegetarian?).

Drinks: soft drinks, still water, sparkling water, tropicana orange juice and beer.

Service: Good. English spoken.

Comfortable? As you would expect. There is a fine view of the old stock exchange building (la bourse).

Was the food good? The mixed salad was as miserable as it looks. McDonald’s Belgium offers three salads, only one of which is vegan (the awful mixed salad), one tuna salad, a chicken salad and a cheese salad (unknown if the rennet is animal or vegetarian).

Toilets: Downstairs with a €0.30 charge collected by an attendant.

My advice to the chef: not applicable!

My advice to the manager: why not offer the same veggie burger that is available in Germany? The mixed salad is positively offensive in its awfulness.

Overall: They need to learn to be vegan and vegetarian friendly here. Still, it’s a handy place to sit and watch the world go by, and the view of the stock exchange is nice. It is difficult to be vegetarian in Brussels, let alone vegan. The only vegetarian cafe (to this reviewer’s knowledge) within walking distance of the Grande Place is best avoided (and I do like to support such enterprises in general).

Most boring salad ever

Most boring salad ever


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