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Greenway Veggie Bistro, Parijsstraat 12, 3000 Leuven, Belgium (Belgique)

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What: Vegetarian restaurant in Leuven (also in Ghent), also offers vegan meals.

Prices: Just about reasonable.

 Vegetarian/vegan menu: Various burgers (most vegan) around €6, small vegan soup €1.90, big vegetarain soup €3.90, big salads (one vegan) €10.90, vegan falafel wrap €10.50, lasagna €11.80, thai curry €8.80 (small) and €11.80 (big), chilli sin carne €8.50 (small) and €11.50 (big) and lots more.

Drinks: Various organic fizzy drinks (such as Bionade), water, coffee.

Service: Very good. English spoken. Food was brought to the table.You are expected to clear your own table though, and at those prices I don’t find that reasonable.

Comfortable? It was nice and quiet when this reviewer ate there, no blaring music. The high stools are surprisingly comfortable. Customers are not rushed to leave once finished their meal.

Was the food good? The vegan spinach burger was more than adequate. The burger itself wasn’t great, in that it was very bland and a bit soft. The garlic sauce could have done with more garlic. The raw vegetables were nice and crisp. The best part of the burger was the bun, which was excellent and nicely warmed.

Toilets: Downstairs. Clean, soap provided (not always found in restaurants in Belgium).

My advice to the chef: Burgers need improving, especially the texture. A good firm, chewy burger would be nice. Sauces could be more inventive. However, the sourcing of the ingredients is to be admired, very fresh.

My advice to the manager: At these prices staff should be clearing the tables.

Overall: While not perfect, they do get a lot right and it is worth a visit and well worth supporting. Leuven is quite vegetarian/vegan friendly. There are lots of snack shops offering hot meals (a huge relief after Brussels),which are cheaper than this restaurant, but this reviewer would return.





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