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Bear, 35 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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This new grill restaurant specializes in rare cuts of meat. Although the menu suggests that vegetarians could assemble a meal out of sides, a staff member in the restaurant told us that they do not have anything suitable for vegetarians. This vegetarian reviewer won’t be spending money here.



  1. Spedz says:

    Bit of a joke a vegetarian writing a food review in a meat restaurant. That’s like going to Cornucopia and asking for a steak.

    • Thank you for your comment. We are not sure what exactly you mean by “meat restaurant”, though. In fact, the vast majority of restaurants reviewed here cater to omnivores and therefore could be considered “meat restaurants”, but many of them also serve vegetarian/vegan food. Darwin’s, for example, has won awards for its beef steak and it has a full vegetarian menu — the owner, in fact, is vegetarian. We think a review informing people that Cornucopia does not serve meat would be perfectly legitimate.

  2. Spedz says:

    p.s on reading the menu I spotted these full meal options, all of which sound mouth watering and meat free

    leaf salads
    barley & white bean, beetroot, walnut €9.95
    carrot, shallot, chili, lemon €9.95
    kari cauliflower, spring onion & ranch dressing €9.95

    • Thank you for your comment which supports what was written in the original post, i.e., that a vegetarian could assemble a meal out of sides. You’ll note that there is no hot meal for vegetarians/vegans, and we do like to have warm food too, as opposed to salad every day, for example. But you’re right, it would a joke for a vegetarian to spend money here and the post is to help vegetarians/vegans and to tell them that they will find little to eat at this restaurant. It is also to help omnivores who are planning a group meal as we expect that no good host would organise a group meal in a restaurant where vegetarians/vegans are obliged to eat cold food.

  3. Ambler says:

    Spedz should apply for a job at the restaurant if better able than its paid staff to identify that it serves salad without meat, but preferably not in the kitchen if Spedz thinks that menu `mouth watering’.

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