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San Lorenzo, 73 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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New note 11.02.2012: Passing here today we noticed that this restaurant is once again offering a “veggie option”. It seems like they can’t decide whether they can or can’t cook one meal without meat.

Note 04.01.2012: Dublin Reviewer passed by the window here yesterday and spotted that indications of vegetarian possibilities have disappeared from the displayed menu altogether. So have the warnings about shotgun shrapnel being left in the wild game.

Juice, which claimed to be Dublin’s only sit down vegetarian restaurant, has closed their (unfriendly) doors for good. In its place is San Lorenzo, a restaurant which may disappoint, many, if not all vegans and vegetarians. The menu displayed in the window does not include any vegetarian or vegan meals. In fact, a note at the bottom of the menu states “Vegetarian options available — please ask server”. This reviewer can only suppose that the chef does not take enough, if any, pride/interest in the vegetarian options — why else would he/she hide them from public view? Another note on the menu says that that wild game “may contain shot”. One can only imagine that they do not welcome the vegetarian or vegan euro here. Perhaps they should learn from the mistake of the short-lived Le Cafe des Irlandais which was located directly opposite — they did not cater to vegetarians at all when they opened. Perhaps they also could learn from the longer-lived Juice, whose principle mistake was having a surly and dismissive attitude towards potential customers. This reviewer sees no reason to cross the threshold of San Lorenzo.



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  2. Jo says:

    I’ve been to San Lorenzos a couple of times – the first time was on the verge of leaving because there was no veggie option – said it to the waiter who said “but we always have veggie options”…they change every day, so we don’t list them. Now this is a bit odd and suggests they aren’t really interested in us but in fairness to SL – they have always had 3 veggie options, which are unusual and tasty and it is great food…although they haven’t heard the bad news about parmesan and we didn’t have the heart to tell them last time!

    • Hi Jo, thanks for your comment. It is indeed very strange that they do not list the vegetarian food that they claim to serve (and you mention that the “veggie” option includes parmesan? (for those who don’t know, paremsan is never, ever vegetarian as it contains part of the stomach of a calf and most chefs around Dublin seem to be ignorant regarding the matter)). As a matter of interest, what were the vegetarian choices the day that you dined there? Did the waiter explain why the veggie options change every day? Do the meat options change every day too? Still, if they want vegetarians or vegans to part with their money they need to offer them food on the menu in the window…that just seems to make business sense.

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