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Belgian Waffles Opposite The Manneken Pis

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What: Window selling Belgian waffles opposite the Manneken Pis.

 Prices: They advertise waffles for €1 but as soon as you add a little something prices jump. For Nutella* (which, it turns out, to this reviewer’s great disgust, is not vegetarian) and banana this reviewer paid €3.20.

 Vegetarian menu: The waffles are vegetarian and you can choose toppings from several different fruits,  honey, etc.

 Drinks: Bottles of water, cans of fizzy drinks.

 Service: Fast and friendly. English is spoken (handy for those who don’t speak French).

 Comfortable? Not applicable.

 Was the food good? Yes. It made for a tasty, cheap and filling snack.

 Toilets: Not applicable.

 My advice to the chef: How about a vegan waffle?

 My advice to the manager: I think it would be more reasonable to make it clear that it is a plain waffle that costs only €1. As it is, the very large “€1 euro” sign draws a crowd who probably end up spending around three times that amount.

 Overall: Very touristy spot to pick up a Belgian waffle. There are many such windows around Brussels selling waffles. A fun snack for when you’re in the city, though it seems that vegans miss out on this one.

Belgian waffle with Nutella and banana

Belgian waffle with Nutella* (thank you to the poster who pointed out that Nutella is not vegetarian --- this reviewer was disgusted to learn that this spread contains calf rennet) and banana

Waffle window oppose the Mannken Pis

Waffle window opposite the Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis



  1. Mark Hamill says:

    Just to point out, the waffles are no longer vegetarian if you get nutella on them, as nutella isn’t vegetarian (animal rennet in its whey).

  2. Thank you so much for pointing this out. I did not know that this product involved animal rennet.

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