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Den Teepot, Rue des Chartreux 66, 1000 City of Brussels, Belgium

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What: Vegan restaurant with a health food shop downstairs. Take-away possible.

 Prices: Soup €4, rice with vegetables €7, rice with vegetables and a croquette €11, rice with vegetables, croquette and seitan €13, croquette as a side €4, vegetables as a side €4, soya dessert €2.00.

 Vegetarian menu: Everything is vegan but the menu is not extensive. It does not extend much beyond what is listed above.

 Drinks: Fruit juice €2.20, carrot juice €2.20, beers around €2.20, wine, water, tea, coffee.

 Service: Very poor, extremely frustrating, but they do speak English, if needs be. We ordered soup and asked for a croquette on the side. The menu states that a croquette is available as as side, but the waitress told us that we could not order it as a side with soup and that it is only served as a side with a dinner dish. When we asked her if she wanted to sell food or not she told us that she didn’t care if the restaurant sold food. All of this was observed by confused looking staff in the nearby kitchen who we then overheard telling the waitress that it is possible to order a croquette as a side and that she should return to our table and inform us that we could indeed have a croquette.

 Comfortable? Yes. It’s a nice, bright room. The table was big and solid.

Was the food good? The soup was adequate but nothing special. The croquette, which looked like a very thick burger, was nice. Bread was fine, but again, nothing memorable.

 Toilets: Adequate. Men and women share (a common feature in Brussels).

 My advice to the chef: Vegan food doesn’t have to be so bland. Rice and vegetables? That’s what non-vegan restaurants offer as an “option”. This reviewer was expecting something a lot more creative and imaginative.

 My advice to the manager: Staff are very poorly trained. They give the impression of being volunteers in a soup kitchen rather than employees in a vegan restaurant charging full restaurant prices. This needs to be addressed. The menu is uninspiring and needs a lot more creativity.

 Overall: Two bowls of watery soup (vegetable soup was ordered and we did not expect only onion), one croquette, some bread and a bottle of water cost €17. This, together with incompetent staff, made this reviewer feel ripped off. Despite the shortage of vegetarian, let alone vegan, food in Brussels, this reviewer will not be returning.

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Croquette and bread

Croquette and bread

Part of restaurant

Part of restaurant





Front of building

Front of Den Teepot


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