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Select Stores, 1 Railway Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

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What: Health food shop/deli with several tables to sit and eat squashed into corners here and there.

Prices: You won’t get much change out of a €5 for a juice or a smoothie, but you won’t get any fruit concentrate either. Filling sandwiches are €5-6.

Vegetarian menu: Lots of choices for vegetarian sandwich fillings including: falafel, avocado, hummus, cheeses, salads, etc. Veggie burger, falafel with zesty lime & coriander salsa and garlic yoghurt sauce, couscous/lentil with coriander pesto or tomato, veggie soup and stew and more. Lots of different types of bread, including sourdough.

Drinks: Juice bar, smoothies.

Service: Pretty good. This reviewer really liked the fact that if you order a juice they collect the fruit/veg from around the shop, show it to you and then juice it. Nice touch.

Comfortable? It’s not a place to go for a long, comfortable meal. It seems to be aimed at people who want to have a quick and healthy bite to eat and it fills that niche quite well. It’s nice to sit and watch people and to feel part of the little community vibe that they have going on in there.

Was the food good? It was. Juices were great as were the sandwiches. Some imagination is at work here, these people are able to think far beyond a cheese toastie.

Toilets: Adequate.

My advice to the chef: Keep up the good work.

My advice to the manager: As above.

Overall:A really nice, community shop with imaginative vegetarian/vegan snacks. It would be nice if they had a branch in the city centre. It seemed to be the only place in Dalkey that had put any thought into a vegetarian menu. Dublin Reviewer recommends.

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