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Wagamama, South King Street, Dublin 2

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What: Asian food in a factory style setting. Open plan kitchen and shared tables with picnic benches, in a basement. Popular with parents of small children.

 Prices: Average. Mains around €12-13.

 Vegetarian menu: Poor selection. Side dishes: Edamame €6.45, miso €2.75, raw salad €4.95, wok fried greens €4.95. Mains: One rice dish at €11.45 and two noodle dishes at €10.95 and €12.95. The noodles are made with egg so there is really very little from which vegans can choose.

 Drinks: Fresh juices €4, soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee and more.

 Service: Staff are a little difficult to understand due to insufficient English. It took a long time to attract their attention when we wanted the bill. They bring the food out as and when it’s ready. This means that your dining partner might have his/her food before you or that the starters might come out after the main course. What is really very bad here, and which is enough to put this reviewer off ever returning, is that they will remove any ingredients you want to be removed from a dish but they will not substitute anything or reduce the price. This seems to be very greedy as the meals are made up fresh and there is no reason that this reviewer can think of as to why ingredients cannot be added or substituted, apart from pure greed.

 Comfortable? If it’s a busy time it’s really not comfortable due to the shared tables and benches in this windowless basement room. One can find oneself beginning as a party of two at the end of a table and have another two people seated beside one in spite of other tables being completely vacant in the rear of the room. It can also be very loud. At quieter times it can be okay to drop in for a quick meal. It’s certainly not the place for a quiet dinner. It’s a good place for a group of four to meet four after shopping, for example.

 Was the food good? It was certainly plentiful and tasty. The portions are really big. However, it quickly becomes boring to have to face into a huge bowl of noodles or rice. Smaller portions, which would allow customers to order two or three dishes, would be welcome; however, reducing prices a little would make it more tempting to consider several small plates. As it stands there aren’t enough plates for a vegan/vegetarian to have several. The juice is very good, worthwhile, even.

Toilets: On the ground floor level (upstairs). Adequate. Don’t forget to write down the code they give you for the door.

 My advice to the chef: Persuade the manager to let you cook off-menu.

 My advice to the manager: Removing ingredients from a dish and refusing to substitute said ingredients with anything else is very unfriendly and smacks of ethics-free profiteering.

 Overall: This reviewer is put off by the greedy attitude. If you must.


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