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KC Peaches Cafe and Delicatessen, Nassau Street, Dublin 2

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What: Light and airy deli/cafe with self-service hot food, self-service salad bar, etc.

 Prices: This reviewer didn’t get so far as to note down the prices.

 Vegetarian menu: The sandwich bar has many appealing items, including avocado. However, vegetarians/vegans/people who fear cross-contamination beware. This reviewer witnessed several staff members making up sandwiches and it wasn’t a pleasant sight. Firstly, they do wear plastic gloves, which is a good thing, but they retrieve almost all of the items from their containers with their hands. Several times I saw different staff members dip their hands into a container to pull out some chicken, beef, etc., and then put the same hand into the tomatoes, cheese, etc. Clearly this means that none of the items on sale at the sandwich counter are vegetarian as they have been touched by people who have just handled meat without changing their gloves. I drew this to the attention of a staff member who agreed that it was an issue and said that it would be addressed.

The self-service salad bar looks good and each bowl does have its own spoon, but you have to rely on customers not dipping a meat/fish spoon into the veg. You also have to rely on customers not sneezing or coughing around the containers as they are exposed (as they must be for self-service). The same applies to the hot food.

 Service: Not yet tested.

 Was the food good?  Not yet tested, but much of it does look appealing. The hot self-service food doesn’t look so nice as customers seem to leave it in a mess.

 Toilets: Not yet tested.

 My advice to the chef: None as yet.

 My advice to the manager: Where to start? Firstly, I believe that it is a huge health risk to dip a gloved hand into meat, especially chicken, and the dip the same hand into vegetables. Not only does this render the food inedible to many people it seems very unhygienic to this reviewer.

 Overall: I’d like to like this place. It’s bright and airy and the food looks good. However, until it becomes vegetarian friendly I won’t be buying anything here.


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