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Ladencafe Aha, Kreuzstrasse 7, Dresden, Germany

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What: Vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Dresden, Germany.

 Prices: Main courses (very big) between €7.90 and €11.40. Soups and stews €3.90 to €6.90. Desserts around €3.50 to €4.50.

 Vegetarian menu: Everything is vegetarian and many meals are vegan. For example, vegan lentil stew, potato soup with veggie sausage, fennel-orange-carrot lasagna, puff pastry filled with spinach and gorgonzola, sweet potato gratin, chilli con tofu, potato broccoli curry, avocado soup and many, many more.

 Drinks: Beers (also on tap), wines, bionade, teas, juices (also mulled) and much more.

 Service: Friendly and helpful. They were also really good about letting us order half portions (I found the main courses to be way too big for me) and charged only half the regular price.

 Comfortable: Very. Sometimes there isn’t even music playing, which is nice, but when it is playing it’s not too intrusive and they will happily turn it down if somebody asks them. The tables are big and comfortable and are designed with a lingering meal in mind. It’s a very nice space to enjoy a relaxed meal.

 Was the food good? Yes. Very good, in fact. There were lots of inspired veggie and vegan creations. The avocado soup was delicious. The stews were full of flavour and very hearty. That said, the avocado soup was better on the first night than on the second. Perhaps there are two chefs?

 Toilets: On the ground floor. No complaints.

 My advice to the chef: Keep up the good work.

 My advice to the manager: Please consider a Dublin branch.

 Overall: A lovely place to enjoy fine vegetarian or vegan food. Strongly recommended.

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Delicious avocado soup

Delicious avocado soup

Potato and broccoli curry

Potato and broccoli curry



Some vegan options

Some vegan options



  1. ZoomYummy says:

    Mmmm, looks delicious! 🙂 Petra

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