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The Waterside Lounge and Bar, Harbour Road, Howth, Co. Dublin

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What: Pub serving food in a seaside village full, almost exclusively, of seafood restaurants.

Prices: Beef burger with fries €9.95, soup of the day €3.95, chicken wings €7.95, grilled hake €11.95, seafood pasta €9.95.

Vegetarian menu: Very limited, as in most restaurants in Howth. Veggie burger and fries €8.95, spinach ravioli (with parmesan) €8.95, toasted sandwich €4.25.

Drinks: Full bar. However, the largest bottle of sparkling water is only 250ml.

Service: Adequate.

Comfortable? It’s okay. The tables at which the food is served are big enough, but some people have to sit on stools (as opposed to chairs). Football was on the television but the sound was down.

Was the food good? Well below average. The fries served with the veggie burger were a thin and soggy affair. The veggie patty itself was okay (it was soft, but did not squirt out the sides of the bun in the way that potato-based veggie patties normally do), but the burger was served with nothing more than a shred of lettuce and a smattering of mayonnaise (see photo). It would be nice to find some tomato, onions, etc., in the bun. In fact, management seem pretty stingy with fillings in general. At a cost of €4.25 you can order a toasted sandwich and choose two fillings, but onion counts as a filling (see menu below). This seems rather greedy. Apart from ketchup in a squeeze bottle, condiments are in those individual sealed plastic teaspoon serving sizes (while at least sanitary, these watery affairs are always best when left unused, sealed in their packets). The buns were okay.

Toilets: Dirty. The fixtures themselves were nice, but when we were there (a Saturday afternoon) there was toilet paper strewn all over the floor and it was clear that the area had not been cleaned for a long time. The men’s toilet showed evidence of a clear lack of aim by standing parties.

My advice to the chef: Don’t send out soggy chips.

My advice to the manager: Don’t be so stingy with fillings.

Overall: If you must. There’s not much choice for vegetarians in Howth. Most restaurants seem to offer seafood and “vegetarian pasta”, whatever that may be. If in Howth Dublin Reviewer might return here, but would first try the chippers around the corner, which claims to serve veggie burgers and chips.

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Veggie burger and fries. Note lack of dressing on burger.

Veggie burger and fries. Note lack of dressing on burger.

Part of menu.

Part of menu.


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