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Cornucopia Restaurant, 19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

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What: Canteen-style vegetarian restaurant charging full restaurant prices. It’s also the better of Dublin’s two full vegetarian restaurants.

Prices: Small soup €3.45, large soup €4.50, mains from €10.95 to €12.95, salads between €4.50 and €9.95, desserts between €2.30 and €4.95.

Vegetarian menu: Full vegetarian menu which changes frequently.

Drinks: Wines, sparking/still water (the same plastic bottle available in shops), teas and more.

Service: There is no table service. The food is kept warm behind a glass counter, you make your selection and it is then placed on a plate which you take to the counter to pay. The staff behind the counter are usually friendly and helpful.

Comfortable? Not really. At full restaurant prices I don’t expect to have to juggle a tray full of food and shopping bags while trying to seek out a free table. It’s a pretty awkward place to eat. The music is not intrusive, though, and the decor is nice.

Was the food good? It’s usually quite tasty, but a problem is that the food is most often served less than lukewarm. They do nice salads, but if you get a meal (meals come with two salads) to take away they pile one salad on top of another in the same box, which is pretty unappetizing.

Toilets: Downstairs (you have to go behind the counter) and a bit dingy.

My advice to the chef: Serve the food hot.

My advice to the manager: Lower the prices or provide table service. Also, serve take-away salads in separate boxes. Improve the toilet facilities.

Overall: Tasty, but canteen-style restaurants should not be charging full restaurant prices. I would probably eat here more often if it were a lot cheaper (it’s just too expensive for the canteen experience) or if there was table service (to justify the current prices).

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Main course

Main course


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