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The Terrace Restaurant, White’s Hotel, Abbey Street, Wexford Town, Co. Wexford

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What: Bright, spacious, plush looking restaurant. There are two entrances to this hotel. One appears luxurious and the other a bit dingy (the “dingy” looking entrance is the one on North Main Street).

Prices: Main courses around €18 (but some cost more, e.g., €26 for steak or €35 for lobster), desserts €5.90, appetizers €5-8.

Vegetarian menu: Not great. Heavy on cheese based options: goat’s cheese tartlet as an appetizer or caprese salad. There seems to be generally only one veggie option for the main course.

Drinks: Full bar. Extensive wine list.

Service: Noteworthy in that it was excellent.  Professional, friendly, pleasant.

Comfortable? Yes. There is a lot of space between tables. It’s bright and quiet and feels opulent.

Was the food good? Some was excellent, but some was disappointing. The leek and potato soup is made with a chicken stock so we were not able to have that as a starter. The bread was very good. The veggie starter options of cheese or cheese are very disappointing (in terms of lack of variety). Having ordered caprese salad we were very surprised by how the chef interpreted this classic dish — caprese salad is never comprised of lettuce leaves and quartered tomatoes.  The grilled artichoke hearts were not grilled, but in brine and cold. The veggie cannelloni was very tasty, but very heavy. I can’t imagine anybody being able to eat more than half. The wine was excellent.

Toilets: Very nice. Full length mirrors, nice soap and hand lotion. Good quality paper towels for those who don’t like hand dryers.

My advice to the chef: A vegetarian dish does not mean that that dish has to be full of cheese. Cheese is a boring (not to mention unhealthy) option for vegetarians who are all too often offered this by chefs lacking in imagination. Think about hot meals suitable for vegans — we don’t necessarily want a salad as a main course.

My advice to the manager: Everything was very nice, but a lot more thought needs to be put into the vegetarian options. These lack imagination and let the kitchen down.

Overall: A nice place to spoil meat eaters. Fussy vegetarians might be disappointed to be offered the same old same old.

Management have been asked to respond to this review.

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  1. Response from chef:

    To whom it may concern

    To the best of my recollection artichoke was ordered by a guest 1 day in advance of their arrival

    All that was available was tinned and it was decided that a salad would be provided

    Grilled would not have been an option as you suggest nor was it stated by the kitchen.

    Leek & Potato soup always with chicken stock

    Caprese a little salad will not hurt the dish all main ingredients present

    The cannelloni is as stated

    My advice to the vegetarian

    ask the kitchen what they can do

    tell the kitchen what you might like

    sign the review

    yours sincerely

    Patrick Fay



  2. In fact, the vegetarian requested something made of artichoke and the response suggested was something involving grilled artichoke. The vegetarian acknowledges that it was daft to imagine that the chef envisaged a hot main course meal instead of the salad served.

  3. Seymour says:

    What a negative reply from the chef. Seems that you touched on a sensitive subject for him. I note that he responded to the (slightly)negative element of your review and ignored the positive. Keep up the good work, although I am not vegetarian I enjoy your reviews because they also address the other necessary elements of an enjoyable meal out – comfort, noise levels, toilets and not just the food.

  4. Helen says:

    Seems like the chef wants the customer to do his job for him, totally pathetic. I see that the review took place in February, Im not sure I’d want a salad in February. Why is a restaurant using tinned food?

    and why ruin the taste of the Leek soup with Chicken stock, cant you make and freeze some veg stock, make a big batch of V friendly soup then everyone could enjoy it.Odd.

  5. Hi Helen,

    Yep, it’s very annoying when restaurants tell you that the chef will make you “anything you want”. If I wanted to spend the evening planning a menu I’d cook myself. I totally agree — it’s not the customer’s job to design a menu — that’s what you’re paying the chef to do.

    Tinned food? If I remember correctly this restaurant didn’t have any vegan options so we called ahead and asked if they could make something with artichoke. We didn’t expect it to be tinned either. I guess they were trying to satisfy the request, but opening a tin of artichokes and not doing anything with them (other than putting them on a plate with some tomato) wasn’t what we had in mind, as you can imagine.

  6. Helen says:

    No, I think poor veggie options really show up some places, after all traditional meat recipes are tried and tested and I think in some cases, idiot proof and I do think meat eaters also put up with a lot in thier dining I’ve seen my other half be presenred with things that I (as a very unskilled and non professional chef) wouldnt serve him, but he isnt a complainer.

    I think if a chef cant put together a few nice healthy veggie options without overloading things with cheese, they can hardly be called a professional chef, afterall my Mam can make me all kinds of lovely veggie food and she is a meat eater, why cant chefs?? Until things improve I generally stick with Indian food or Thai, their chefs seem capable of some imagination and skill.

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