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Millstone, 39 Dame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: Cramped restaurant serving Irish food, pizzas and some others.

Prices: Pricey. A pizza will set you back €15-16 euro. Sides are around €4.50, steaks around €30.

Vegetarian menu: Poor. There are only two veggie mains at €15.95. Roast celeriac soup with white truffle oil €4.50, garlic bread €3.50, baked portobello mushroom €6.95, warm goat’s cheese €7.85, dips and olives for two €9.95, goats cheese and veg pie €15.95, potato gnocchi forster €15.95, veg sides around €4.50.

Drinks: Extensive wine list, juices, sparkling water and more.

Service: Bad. We were offered a poor table at first (something Dublin Reviewer finds very offensive). The waiter was very surly. When asked if the chef could make up something vegetarian as an alternative to the only two veg mains on the menu, the waiter at first refused to take that request to the kitchen. Eventually the chef agreed to make up whatever I wanted. He agreed to make up something with an asparagus base (it later turned out that they didn’t have asparagus). All of this was conducted, by the waiter, in a very loud manner, such that people at the neighbouring tables started looking over.

Comfortable? At the back of the restaurant it’s comfortable enough, but it’s also a pretty loud place (more so when they have somebody playing the keyboards and singing). Some of the chairs are wobbly. The tables are too small for two, but all the same, the many tall candles are a nice touch.

Was the food good? It’s adequate. The garlic bread starter was nicely presented with a tasty vinaigrette dressing, which was used to decorate the plate. The bread itself would have been nicer had it been toasted on both sides. In the absence of asparagus, I asked for a meal with an aubergine base, which was beautifully presented and very, very nice: aubergine rounds with spinach and blue cheese presented in stacks. Dublin Reviewer was glad not to have settled for the tired veggie options on the menu. The olives and dips were what one would expect, salsa was nicely spiced, artichoke was a bit runny, pesto was adequate. Again, the bread would have been better had it been toasted.

Toilets: Adequate.

My advice to the chef: Please put more thought into the vegetarian options. The two options on the menu are dull. The veggie meal described above was very tasty — why not add that to the menu?

My advice to the manager: The waiters here really need training in hospitality. Drop the live music — the restaurant is too small for such noise.

Overall: As it is the veggie options are dull and expensive. At these prices I expect something very tasty that I won’t find on the majority of menus around the city. It’s worth keeping an eye on the veggie menu to see if it improves, though, as the chef is able to produce good meals.


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