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An Cistin Eile, 80 South Main Street, Wexford Town, Ireland

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What: Small, simple restaurant offering Irish cuisine with a (very tasty) twist.

Prices: Considering the standard of the food (and that the lunch is substantial), very reasonable. Choose from the lunch menu for between €6.50 and €10, with veggie soup for €3.

Vegetarian menu: Disappointing. There were two veggie dishes on the lunch menu and both were cheese based with “fried bluebell cheese” being offered as the “healthy option”. I asked if the chef (Warren Gillen) could make me up something vegan – I’m not vegan – I just didn’t want a plate of cheese, and that was not a problem. I’ve also requested a vegan dinner here before and it was one of the best dinners I’d ever eaten. Given that the chef can cook really delicious vegan/veggie meals I don’t understand why they are not included on the menu.

Drinks: Free tap water is brought to the table, wines, tea, coffee and some others.

Service: One waitress here really needs to be trained in hospitality as she was rather gruff (on both of the occasions that I dined here), but the other staff were friendly, helpful and efficient.

Comfortable? The restaurant is small and is divided, more or less, into two sections. For some reason, that I don’t like, they seem to want to fill one section before opening the next, though there did seem to be people in the other section. I prefer not to be surrounded by crowded tables and would have prefered if the waitress had let us select a vacant table rather than insisting that we take the last free table in the front section. That said, the table was comfortable and was big enough for each person to have plenty of space. The chairs were also pretty comfortable.

Was the food good? Yes. The vegan dinner I had here before was excellent, bursting with flavour. The vegan lunch was very good, but slightly disappointing given the standard of the previous dinner. The chef is impressively creative in his use of ingredients. Chips here are excellent. The apple crumble was delicious. All of the meals were beautifully presented.

Toilets: There is only one toilet for men and one for women. Both were clean and pleasant, but it poses a problem if somebody else is taking too long.

My advice to the chef: Please include a vegetarian option that is not based on cheese. Also, the vegan dishes which were prepared for me were so nice that they deserve a place on the menu. Rethink the “healthy eating” choice – a plate of cheese is hardly healthy.

My advice to the manager: Some flexibility in letting paying guests pick out where they would like to sit would be welcome. At least one staff member needs training in hospitality.

Overall: Excellent food at a great price. Dublin Reviewer highly recommends this restaurant to vegans/vegetarians who are willing to ask the chef to go off menu.

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Delicious apple crumble

Delicious apple crumble

Off menu vegan creation

Off menu vegan creation

Veggie brie salad from lunch menu -- "healthy option"

Veggie brie salad from lunch menu -- "healthy option"

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