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Blazing Salads, 42 Drury Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: Veggie/vegan deli and bakery

Prices: People think that the bread is expensive but Dublin Reviewer was formerly happy to pay €3-4 for pretty big loaf.

Vegetarian menu: Salad bar, soups, frozen meals, cakes, bread

Drinks: Some bottled drinks.

Service: Possibly the rudest staff in Dublin. In my opinion this is the most unpleasantly managed shop I have encountered in the city centre. I’ve only ever bought their bread, and that was good. However, I generally tried to buy their bread from other shops that stocked it, because the Blazing Salads staff were consistently rude to me. Unfortunately, it seems that Blazing Salads are no longer distributing their bread to other shops, and it can now only be purchased in their shop (does anybody have more information about this?). This meant a visit to the dreaded shop, where I was again treated rudely. They are no longer wrapping their bread — it is now left on display in the main shop area where all customers can pick it up, squeeze it, sneeze on it, rub their dirty coat sleeves on it, etc. When I pointed this out, I was informed that this is how they are going to sell it from now on. To my mind this means that they intend to sell dirty bread. I certainly won’t be buying bread that is left on display like that (Fallon and Byrne take note!). Bread should be wrapped or kept behind the counter: anything else seems very unhygienic. I also learned how much Blazing Salads have appreciated my custom over the years — when I pointed out to the rude lady that she had lost a customer she said it was “no problem”. So long Blazing Salads. Perhaps the recession will put manners on you.

Comfortable? If there are more than 4 people in the shop it becomes cramped, other than that it is okay.

Was the food good? The bread was good, but you now have to be willing to accept that because it is unwrapped, previous customers may have been touching it or sneezing on it, etc.

Toilets: N/A.

My advice to the chef: Work for a different company.

My advice to the manager: Consider improving hygiene practices and adjust your attitude to the fact that you are in the service of your customers.

Overall: These people didn’t value my custom so they won’t be getting another penny from me. There is a clear niche in the market for somebody (preferably a German because they know their bread) who can bake decent bread, present it in a hygienic way AND treat their customers well.



  1. Seymour says:

    I have had the same experience here. Woeful attitude. Avoid.

  2. Alan says:

    I agree about the staff not being very friendly .. in fact I felt one day I was getting a dirty look for simply being there from the person who served me. Also I won’t buy the bread anymore due to it being in the open and as mentioned above it’s a free for all who want to pick it up !!

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