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Aer Lingus flight Dublin — Chicago –Dublin

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What: Aer Lingus flight Dublin – Chicago – Dublin (economy class).

Prices: Not applicable.

Vegetarian menu: In economy class the choice of meals on the plane (if you had not ordered a special meal prior to the flight) was either chicken or beef.

Drinks: Free water, juice, soft drinks, tea, coffee. Alcohol was available for purchase.

Service: On the plane the crew were helpful and friendly. However, when booking the tickets on the Aer Lingus website there was no possibility to select a vegetarian meal — this had to be done by calling a 1850 number. I refuse to call these numbers so after much time I eventually located an email address and was able to order my vegetarian meal by email. Luckily it worked this time  (previously I even had confirmation that a vegetarian meal would be available for me but was told on the plane that my special order was not in their system) and I actually got my vegetarian meal. Other vegetarians on my flight were not so lucky.

Comfortable? Aer Lingus economy class is pretty cramped.

Was the food good? Not really. On the way out the vegetarian meal was pasta and tomato sauce with peas and a pasta salad. On the way back it was a very dismal affair – dry rice with green beans. The veggie breakfast snack was a very cold and doughy bagel with jam (the regular snack was a ham and cheese sandwich).

Toilets: Clean.

My advice to the chef: The veggie meals need more thought. Even on a plane I would hope for something a lot better than what I got.

My advice to the manager: Given that vegetarian meals are, on average, cheaper than meat based meals, why not serve them to everybody and make them tasty, given your evident desire to reduce costs everywhere else?

Overall: Aer Lingus should provide a free and easy way to order veggie meals (or at least scrap the 1850 number for a Dublin number) and the meals themselves could be much improved.

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Pre-ordered veggie meal Dublin-Chicago

Pre-ordered veggie meal Dublin-Chicago




  1. sheila sheedy says:

    reviewer on the ball, wish there were more people as honest and capable.

  2. Roz says:

    My husband and I are vegan and we fly Aer Lingus from Shannon to Boston a couple of times a year. We call the help desk and order VGN-Meal (no dairy) or vegan meal and we were VERY happy with the meal. Vegetarian meals are usually pasta salad with a pasta main!

    The vegan meal was a green salad (and it really was green lettuce, not iceberg), couscous with almonds and raisins, chickpea curry and a shredded carrot curry, fresh fruit salad, a white flour roll (not so good) and a non-dairy butter substitute. The snack was a roasted veggie sandwich on whole grain bread and grapes. Very, very delicious considering that everyone else got chicken or beef!

    We return to Ireland in a few weeks and we’ll see what Boston has on offer for VGN Meal.

    • Hi Roz,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Different routes have different meal options. It seems like Shannon-Boston offers better possibilities for vegans than Dublin-Chicago.

      We object to phoning a premium 0818 number to order vegan food. This should be available to order online when the booking is made.

      You might be interested in our review of the Aer Lingus short-haul menu:


      There are no vegan or vegetarian options that can be ordered, either by paying Aer Lingus to phone them or online.

      • Roz says:

        Hi again,
        For all short-haul flights we bring our own food. Peanut butter on whole meal bread or some other something with a piece of fresh fruit. We don’t even eat out in Ennis (we live in Co Clare) when we go….we even bring tea! Bring your own even if it is fruit or nuts.

      • Hi Roz,

        Thanks for the tip. However, we are not short of ideas of what to eat when we provide for ourselves. We think that airlines, restaurants, airports, trains, etc., should provide vegetarian/vegan choices. The more people who make clear that they wish for such choices to be provided the more choices should become available to vegans/vegetarians.

        We find that it is not good enough for Aer Lingus, for example, to provide only for their omnivorous customers and charge the exceptions for requesting meals that are vegan (or not even providing the option, as in the short haul flights).

        With regard to eating out, we like to eat out a lot and make it clear in restaurants that they need to cater to us. We are not satisfied to bring our own sandwiches every time we leave the house 🙂

        The lack of thoughtful consideration lies not with us but with international caterers who supply, for example. an otherwise vegan humus sandwich and add cheese to it, as in all of the newsagents in Frankfurt airport.

        Perhaps if you approach the chefs in Ennis they might realise that they are missing out on profits by not catering to you, and then cook you something that you would find acceptable? This would improve the situation for other vegans who later try to eat at that same restaurant 🙂

      • Roz says:

        ITA with you on educating chefs and wait staff and AerLingus. We do our best. There are times when asking for a plant based meal that it seems none of us speak the same English language! We continue to try, though. The little pub in our town of Kilshanny, would accommodate us for a vegan meal….the gnocchi-red sauce pasta dish…..sigh. We also try to educate without pissing people off or becoming their confessor…..just give me two side salads and a baked potato, I’ll be happy and don’t charge me Euros12 for three blobs of pureed carrot, spud and butterbean!

        As with anything, restaurants are seasonal, catering to most visitors in the spring-summer-autumn, but Clare is meat-centric. Life goes on.

        If we should meet in person, or you find yourself in Clare, give a shout and we’ll feed you at our house. Best in the West!

      • Hi Roz,

        The pasta-red-sauce thing was the reason we started this blog. It is beyond our comprehension that trained chefs are stumped when you take away a carcass.

        We were recently in Brighton, England, vegan heaven! Some reviews will be released soon so watch this space for what can be done in restaurants for vegans, not a drop of red sauce nor a grain of mushroom risotto in sight!

        Thanks for the invitation 🙂 We’re not often down Clare way, but will bear it in mind. It’s always nice to meet other vegans 🙂

  3. Chitchatuk. says:

    Do you still have that email address? I’m about to book this DUB>ORD flight and I would rather not get extorted by the company anymore than I have to.
    Thank you for the review, very informative!

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