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Little Caesar’s Restaurant, 1-3 Chatham House, Balfe Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: Charmless, noisy place serving the usual Italian fare.

Prices: Garlic bread €2.75, pizzas from €6.50, pasta dishes around €11.

Vegetarian menu: Tagliatelle al funghi €10.50, penne arrabiata €9.25, stuffed mushrooms €5.95, suppli €5.95, minestrone €5.95

Drinks: Some beers, wine, coffees, hot chocolate, tea, soft drinks, sparkling water (0.5l only).

Service: Not good. The waiter was hard to understand and found it hard to understand us. He walked off before we had finished ordering our food. It was hard to attract their attention throughout. Seemed to forget that we had ordered extra bread. No attempt at friendliness.

Comfortable? No. The chairs are too small and mine was wobbly. The tables have a hard surface, perhaps meant to look like black marble. The clatter of plates, cutlery and glasses on this surface filled the restaurant and was very unpleasant. The restaurant seems to attract people with young children who competed to be heard over the din (it’s easy to imagine this restaurant attracting families in recessionary times given the prices at the most comparable competition in a similarly sized restaurant in the neighbourhood, Pasta Fresca, which, on average, are 50% greater).

Was the food good? It was adequate. The garlic bread was pretty good. The tagliatelle al funghi was okay (it could easily be a lot better, though), the combination of suppli and stuffed mushroom is a crispy, cheesy grease fest. The salad garnish is mixed rocket and lettuce dominated by purple cabbage. The suppli was acceptable. The expresso was okay.

Toilets: Down a flight of stairs. Clean with hand dryers in both toilet cubicles (in the ladies’, at least).

My advice to the chef: Consider some standard Italian dishes involving aubergine or artichoke hearts. Add olives to the menu.

My advice to the manager: Perhaps consider table-cloths so that customers don’t feel like they are in clatterville. Wobbly chairs are not acceptable. Perhaps train the staff in basic restaurant vocabulary and encourage them to be friendly to customers.

Overall: If you must. The food was not good enough to suffer the din and general discomfort. There is better Italian fare available in more pleasant surroundings one u-turn away (Pizza Stop). Dublinreviewer will not be back.

Stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms

Taglitalle al funghi

Tagliatelle al funghi

Garlic bread and suppli

Garlic bread and suppli


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