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Hanley’s Cornish Pasties, 61 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 (also in Temple Bar), Ireland

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DAWSON STREET BRANCH CLOSED DOWN: MAY 2012 (Little Ass Burrito Bar expected to open here soon, according to the Irish Times)

NEW NOTE: I saw the shop assistant in the Temple Bar shop handling the veggie pasties with the same tongs that he had just used to handle the meat pasties. March 2011.

What: Somewhat overpriced take-away selling pasties (pies).

Prices: Veggie pasties €5.

Vegetarian menu: cheese and veg, cheese and mushroom, cheese and broccoli with sweetcorn, veggie special (which is vegan), spinach and pecan with feta.

Drinks: Some soft drinks, bottled water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate

Service: Friendly. They seem to bake the pasties in batches aimed at the lunch rush. I’ve called by outside of peak times and have been disappointed because the pasty I wanted wasn’t available.

Comfortable? It’s okay. There’s not much space to queue in if it’s busy, but you won’t be there long anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Was the food good? Yes. The cheese and veg is pretty good. The cheese and mushroom is a bit watery for my liking. The spinach and pecan with feta is also quite good.

Toilets: Not applicable.

My advice to the chef: Is it possible to make one with more filling and less pastry?

My advice to the manager: It’s great that there is a veggie menu. It would be nice if there was a special Christmas pasty for vegetarians (like the cranberry and turkey for meat-eaters). However, if I recall correctly, veggie pasties used to cost around €3.95. I don’t appreciate the hike in price.

Overall: It’s pleasing that these nice pasties are available in Dublin and I’d like to support this shop. However, they are not worth €5. I was happy to pay €3.95, but I feel like the owner is trying to cash in on rip-off Ireland prices. At €5 I’ll be buying fewer pasties than I did when they were more reasonably priced.


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