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The Runner Bean, 4 Nassau Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: A funny mix between fruit and veg shop, deli counter and corner shop. Build your own sandwich, buy ones they’ve already made up, pick up some fruit or fresh coffee (fair trade), crisps, etc. They also make their own vegan soup, homemade salads and more. There aren’t any additives or other such nasty things in the food here either.

Prices: They sell much better quality sandwiches than Marks and Spencer’s (M&S) for around the same price. Building your own sandwich might cost between €3-5, but there is no comparison between these and the prepacked ones available in nearby shops: these ones are far superior.

Vegetarian menu: The deli counter has the usual assortment of cheeses, olives, tomatoes, etc., but what is really great is that they also have avocado. They also use locally baked bread.

Drinks: Organic coffee, green tea, bottled water, soft drinks, hot chocolate.

Service: Hmm. “Build your own sandwich” should mean just that. Asking for more cheese than the assistant (especially if that person is the owner) has put on your sandwich shouldn’t result in hassle about how that will cost extra, etc. If I wanted somebody else to decide how much of what should be on my sandwich I would buy one of their ready-made ones. They do understand what it is to be vegetarian here and, when asked, will happily change their gloves and use a different knife if they have just been handling meat. Despite the small problems that sometimes occur at the deli counter service is usually friendly and efficient.

Comfortable: It’s best to avoid the lunch rush as you can queue at the deli for around 15 minutes then. At other times it’s pretty much instant.

Toilets: Not applicable.

My advice to the chef: None.

My advice to the manager: Please keep the bread behind the counter. Having it on top of the counter means that it is directly under the noses of customers. I don’t want bread on which people may have been breathing, coughing and sneezing.

Overall: Get your sandwich here once and you’re unlikely to ever buy a prepacked one in M&S or its counterparts ever again, and it might even work out cheaper.


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  1. […] of the Dublin Vegetarian Reviewer for sources of choice where they exist — the Runner Bean appears to provide options that differ from the offerings of virtually every other shop in Ireland […]

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