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The Farm Restaurant, 3 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What? Trying to be slick and modern looking restaurant.

Prices: Way, way overpriced. These people are living on memories of rip-off Ireland. Vegetarian mains are around €15-16 (for vegetables!!!), aubergine hummus appetizer €7.95, caprese salad €8.65, veggie sides €4.45. Possibly the most expensive vegetarian mains in the city centre. Goat’s cheese tartlet as a main costs €16.95. Compare this to Cafe Novo in the Westbury—their goat’s cheese tart costs €11.95, also as a main.

Vegetarian menu: They have a separate section for vegetarian mains which offers 8 different meals. A definite attempt to cater for vegetarians is being made here.

Drinks: Beer, wine, juices, etc. The sparkling water comes in a charming blue bottle.

Service: Not great. Stroppy waiter who gave the impression that we were lucky to be let in. We chose the restaurant based on the menu displayed outside and found that the menu inside differed and they did not offer the meal that attracted us in. We pointed this out to the stroppy waiter, who was not in the least apologetic, and seemed to think that we were strange because we expected the menu to be as displayed outside.

Comfortable? The people who bought the chairs did not have the comfort of their guests in mind. I kept sliding down in the seat and it wasn’t big enough, even for a small person like me. The table for two was small, which meant that we needed to play tetris to fit all the dishes. It’s bright and without really loud music, which is good.

Was the food good? I had a special which was basically butternut squash stuffed with a creamy risotto. There wasn’t anything inherently wrong with it (in fact, it was quite okay), but I felt very ripped-off—around €16 for what was essentially risotto (why do so many Dublin chefs think that this is a creative vegetarian option? I make risotto when I can’t be bothered to go out or put much effort into cooking). The vegetable sides were well done, still with a good bit of bite in them, but again, overpriced. My friend was disappointed with the caprese salad: in most of the Western world this involves sliced tomato, mozzarella, olive oil and black pepper; here it is your standard purple leaf garnish with chopped tomatoes. Potato sides were nice.

Toilets: Not yet tested.

My advice to the chef: Given that the veg mains are so dear compared to the rest of the city centre I expect something which tastes superior and is beautifully presented. This kitchen fails in both respects.

My advice to the manager: Train the waiters to be more respectful to customers. Buy more comfortable chairs—people do two things in restaurants: sit and eat. The chairs must be comfortable. It is surprisingly offensive to be asked upon entry if one has a reservation for dinner having passed a few meters away on the way in a person paid to hold a post with a sign attached pointing potential diners towards The Farm. Which message do you wish to convey: that you are desperate to attract customers in or that you have all and only the customers you need already?

Overall: I would eat here more often if it were significantly less expensive or if the meal matched the price tag. In short, you can get better, cheaper vegetarian meals elsewhere.

Note: Management were asked to respond to this review.


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