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DaDa Moroccan Restaurant, 45 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Update August 2nd 2011: Although it is marked as vegetarian on the menu the lentil soup now contains beef. Best to double check that everything marked with a (v) is actually vegetarian. However, it remains a good spot for vegetarians.

What: Dimly lit, oriental looking restaurant serving Moroccan food.

Prices: Dear enough. Dinner menu: Veggie appetizers for around €7, veggie mains around €15, veggie sides average €3.50. Lunch menu is slightly cheaper.

Vegetarian menu: Offers a better variety of veg dishes than many other city centre restaurants. Putting together a few veggie sides and appetizers to share between two makes for a nice meal. For example, Moroccan dips with bread €7.50, filo pastry wrap filled with Manchego cheese & spinach €6.90, grilled aubergine pate with Moroccan vinegar, garlic & pimenton €6.90, Spicy potatoes €4.50, roasted vegetables €4.

Drinks: Extensive wine menu.

Service: Bizarre. Simply ordering food can be a frustrating experience. When I asked which vegetables were in the “Seven Vegetables Tagine” the waiter told me he didn’t know. He didn’t seem happy that I asked him to find out. He came back sure of at least 4 of them but couldn’t remember the others. Not good. In general, the waiters were sulky when we tried to put together a meal from around the menu. However, when we insisted that they confirm with the kitchen that our ideas were not possible they returned and said that the chef could do what we wanted. It’s also difficult to catch their attention. The waiters here really need a lot of training in customer service.

Comfortable? I find it offensive to enter a nearly empty restaurant and to be led to the worst table in the place, which happens here. Are they keeping the better tables for people who have chosen to go elsewhere to spend their money? However, there are comfortable tables and the music is not too intrusive. It’s a bit dark for my liking. It wouldn’t really be possible to read in any comfort at any of the tables, but it makes for an intimate atmosphere, perhaps better suited to dinner than lunch.

Was the food good? Yes. All of the appetizers and sides were well spiced and seasoned. The vegetable tagine was a bit bland in comparison. I’ll be sticking to several smaller dishes in future. Overall, though, the food here is well worth a visit.

Toilets: Not yet tested.

My advice to the chef: The veggie tagine needs more work to be worth the hefty price.  Update (August 2011): The vegetarian lentil soup was already very good so why add beef???

My advice to the manager: Train the staff and allow paying customers to be more flexible with the menu. Update (August 2011): Is is shocking that the lentil soup is marked as vegetarian but no longer is so. We discovered this by chance and were not informed on ordering that it contains beef. This is shocking.

Overall: An excellent choice for vegetarians, but in desperate need of better customer serive.

Note: The management were asked to respond to this review.



  1. Ryan says:

    This review describes an experience at DaDa rather like my own. It is a nice spot for vegetarians, but the service is such that one imagines that the place is run by someone who does not depend on it as a source of income.

  2. Reply from DaDa restaurant:


    Thank you for your review,We will try and emprove on the down sides.Try us next time

    Dada Restaurant
    45 South William Street
    Dublin 2-Tel: 01 617 0777

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