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Sky View Cafe, Wexford Opera House, High Street, Wexford, Ireland

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UPDATE August 4th 2011: Unfortunately, the food in this cafe is no longer adequate. We tried to have a sandwich made today (before lunch) but were told that they were made up already and that there was nothing left with which to make a fresh one. It seems they now make up the few sandwiches that they offer in the morning and have adopted a “take it or leave it” attitude. If I wanted to be told what to have in my sandwich I’d pick one up in Spar or Centra. This is not good enough for a place that purports to have a chef. It’s a nice place to sit, but don’t bank on getting what YOU want to eat. Even petrol stations allow a person to choose the ingredients they want included in their sandwich.

What: Casual cafe for lunch or coffee break.

Prices: Reasonable. Pastries for around €2.50, smoothies under €3, soup and bread €4.95, big salads around €9, sandwiches around €6.

Vegetarian menu: Pastries, soup of the day is always vegetarian, sandwiches made to order with nice ingredients (aubergine, artichoke, olives, etc.), baked potato. An adequate place for a veggie snack/lunch.

Drinks: tea, coffee, juices, smoothies.

Service: Friendly, efficient. No problems.

Comfortable? Chairs are quite okay, table didn’t wobble, music not too loud (other cafes please take note!), fantastic views over the town and water. A pleasant place to sit if you get a table beside the window.

Was the food good? Creamy veg soup of the day had a good texture but was not seasoned enough, if at all. I needed to add a lot of pepper. The bread was on the dry side. The toasted sandwhich was adequate but the courgette was undercooked. Sticky toffee pudding was excellent. Overall, it was adequate but nothing special.

Problems? No. It was a pleasant experience.

Toilets: You have to go down a level (by stairs or lift). Spacious, clean. No problems.

My advice to the chef: Drop the goat’s cheese from the vegetarian salad. It often appears in the vegetarian option. Please offer us something different. I don’t need to visit your cafe for goat’s cheese — I can get that most everywhere else!

My advice to the manager: None. Everything was fine.

Overall: The view from this cafe is amazing and the food is adequate. Without the views I don’t think I’d bother returning for the food.

Note: Management have been asked to respond to this review.


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