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Maloti, 34-35 William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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What: A fancy Indian restaurant serving up all you would usually expect.

Prices: A bit on the pricy side. Veggie appetizers are around €6 each. Mains around €10, but you have to add rice and naan to that.

Vegetarian menu: Lots of side plates and a few mains. It is a vegetarian friendly place.

Drinks: Wine, beer, fizzy, juice.

Service: Friendly, quick, unintrusive. Better than most places.

Comfortable? Yes, it would be nice if they had bigger tables for two, though. A pleasant place to spend a while over a meal. They keep the music low, an example that plenty of other restaurants should follow.

Was the food good? I really like the food here. The only thing is that they use a lot of ghee (butter). After you’ve finished you’ll probably swear that you’ll never eat again (but it’s worth it!).

Toilets: Down a flight of stairs. Could be cleaner. They let the place down a little.

My advice to the chef: Go easy on the butter/oil.

My advice to the manager: Keep a better eye on the toilets.

Overall: A nice restaurant to sit in, lots of veg dishes, pricer than most Indians, heavy on butter, but tasty. Good place for dinner for two/groups, or, indeed, dinner for one.

It's also possible to order a take-away or have them deliver via restaurant express


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