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Salamanca, St. Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

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Salamanca Tapas Restaurant Dublin

What: Casual restaurant serving Spanish style tapas.

Prices: Around €5 per vegetarian tapas. For two people sharing 5 tapas would be plenty.

Vegetarian menu: Quite varied for Dublin standards. Heavy on cheese and potato dishes, though. I’d like to see more imagination here. There are plenty more vegetables out there. Still, not a bad choice for vegetarians.

Drinks: Extensive wine list, beer and cocktails, plus fizzy drinks and juice.

Service: Nothing special. Staff were helpful and unintrusive.

Comfortable? Hmm. Not really. The chairs are pretty hard and the table was unstable. The staff seem to enjoy dropping cutlery into a drawer from a height. Not a pleasant sound to be sitting next to. It gives the impression that the place is a cheap diner. This activity should be happening away from guests.

Was the food good? It was really hit and miss. My €10 euro avocado salad was awful. The avocado was not ripe. It wasn’t even sliced through. The accompanying roast peppers were like what I buy in the jar in the supermarket and the dressing was boring. Toasted tomato bread for around €4 euro was good, as were the creamy potatos for around the same price. Overall, I wasn’t impressed.

What about the drinks? I had a strawberry daiquiri for €7.90 and couldn’t taste any alcohol. My friend said the same of her tequila sunrise. Definitely feel ripped off.

Toilets: Cramped. Could have been cleaner. Hardly any soap in the dispenser. Not disgusting.

My advice to the chef: If you remove the potato based dishes from the vegetarian menu what are you left with? Exactly, not much. Try thinking outside the box, vegetarians are tired of being offered cheese, cheese and goat’s cheese…

My advice to the manager: Ask the staff to keep the noise down.

Overall: Skip the cocktails, stick to the small plates and you might be lucky to have a tasty meal. Don’t go there for a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. It’s good for a quick lunch but not a relaxing dinner for two.


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